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Photographer, Physician, Man-About-Town, Actor, Poet and Otter fancier - Patrick has dabbled in some or all of these roles over the years. Photographically his interests are mainly in the field of landscape and, in particular, seascape photography.

Patrick is not widely considered the doyen of English landscape photographers.

The coasts of the Mediterranean islands offer great opportunities. Here the mountains that constitute the tops of the islands slope into the sea and the features of their rocks can be seen beneath the waves more clearly by the camera than they can by the human eye. The use of long exposures to smooth the surface of the sea and a polarizing filter let the film accumulate and image of that which lies beneath.

Patrick’s colour images are meant to celebrate the beauty of the landscapes they represent. In addition there are monochrome images here that feature a harder, higher contrast approach to photography. Enjoy the pictures.



Patrick still uses film; currently taking most images with a Nikon F5 35mm SLR on Fujichrome Velvia film stock. Monochrome pictures are also taken on the F5 or on a Leica M5 rangefinder. Transparencies are subsequently scanned using a Canon or Nikon film scanner. Black and white images are scanned from the negative in the same way or alternatively (and preferably) printed in a conventional wet darkroom and the final print scanned. The web site was prepared using Freeway Express on an Apple Macintosh computer.



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Equipment manufacturers

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Manfrotto - Italian tripods – Ciao!

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Silverprint - A must for anyone trying to run a traditional darkroom

Speed Graphic - Great place to find out of the way accessories and gizmo’s.

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